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Safe, Comfortable, fun and Modern soccer surroundings for your child

If soccer is something you are passionate about, then you can be successful at it. And KOSA is the place to be for Elite training. We have developed a process that allows us to get to know one another, and determine where you fit best on the field of play as a player and coach. Through this process you will evaluate our soccer skills, our people and our culture. We will be looking to identify that you possess the passion, commmitment, drive and skill set required to stand out and contribute to your respective teams. We are looking to positively impact teams, games and players lives on and off the field. “The ability to reach more kids with soccer and transforming lives through sports is what keeps me going everyday”. Thomas Tamale Our KOSA families are a constant reminder of the opportunity we have to leave a lasting impact on those we serve during the different camps and individual specialised practices. We also invite speakers with stories of impact that represnt stories heard across the country from parents, coaches, directors and children. Each story is different, but reflect the mission of KOSA – positively impacting player’s lives on and off the field.